The untold story…

…begins here


LAND: Anywhere on the earth’s surface that is not under water; the stuff you cycle over and through.

SEER: A person who has insight and can sometimes predict the future.

LANDSEER: A breed of dog noted for its serene nature, is tall, agile and fast, with an affinity with water.

LANDSEER: A famous artist who had Scottish associations and a wry sense of humour, but eventually went barmy.

LANDSEER: A bicycle that will allow you to see a lot of land.


2 Responses to The untold story…

  1. Peter R. Lumley says:

    This website/blog/transmission is infringing the copyright I own for words and pictures which appeared in a magazine called Bicycle Times. I expect to hear from you in Very short time, thanks. Please, should you be either Geoff Apps / colleague / associate do extend the courtesy of a reply, as I take seriously a transgression such as perpetrated. Thank you. Prl

    • gmacleland says:

      Are you claiming copyright for the entire website, or only a portion? If only a portion, can you kindly be more specific.

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