The untold story…

…begins here


LAND: Anywhere on the earth’s surface that is not under sea; the stuff you cycle over and through.

SEER: A person who has insight and can sometimes predict the future.

LANDSEER: A dog noted for its serene nature; it is a tall, agile and fast breed, with an affinity to water.

LANDSEER: A famous artist who had Scottish associations and a wry sense of humour, but eventually went barmy.

LANDSEER: A bicycle with a riding posture that allows you to see a lot of land around you.



7 Responses to The untold story…

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Great history, great bicycle…
    Splendid bike!
    Will The Landseer ever be on the market?

    • gmacleland says:

      Thanks for that vote of confidence. It is highly unlikely that The Landseer will be on the market. I’m retired now and have the 24/7 responsibility of caring for my frail mother. So, you’ll have to build your own Landseer.

  2. Alan Spencer says:

    Please, is this bike available? It is what I have been looking for as a person who wants to actually ride cross-country; through sand, dirt and mud, while sitting on my saddle!

    • gmacleland says:

      Sorry, you obviously see The Landseer’s potential, but hardly anyone else does, therefore no manufacturer is going to be interested in producing replicas. It is truly a shame that I’ll be the only person in the world to delight in riding this thoroughbred bike.

  3. Stuart Crawford says:

    the reason no manufacturer is interested in producing your design is simple – your design is only for those who are going to drive to an off-road location. As I said a few years ago now, you are trials rider and have never moved from that position.

    All those years ago at Small Dole you got it wrong. You expected your team to ride 30 miles on a hot day on low pressure tyres from Horsham to Small Dole and one of your riders was too knackered, giving the Japanese rep. for Shimano the chance to not award you the team prize, when your bike was streets ahead of the mountain bike, in fact al the mountain bikes went arse over tip and all your team made it to the finish on what was a very dicey chalk track.

    Where were your team mini buses, the first to transport the team and the other the bikes, where was the professional photographer with both stills and movie camera which would have provided you with shocking proof of just how superior your design was to show prospective importers from other countries, not least the USA and where were the plans for production – you did none of this and blew it, sad but so often true of British designers of so many potential world beating products.

    You only have to alter your design a little, that in on way would interfere with performance to make a great all round bike that no one else is offering but you will not. You live in Scotland and if you were capable of making a rational business presentation to the appropriate government dept. you would get funding.

  4. Nick Bucher says:

    Hi Geoff,

    I have read through the whole of your presentation here. Your points about posture and balance and the idea of going for a hike on the bike intrigue me.

    As you are not going to produce the Landseer for sale, would you be able to point out the production parts you used for the prototype? I would love to have a go and build one for myself!

    I think I can get most of the way to the Cleland style bike on my own. But some pointers for what has worked for the frame in the past would be great.

    Thank you for your time.
    Nick Bucher

    • gmacleland says:

      You’re intrigued? That’s an interesting description of your response to the ideas I put forward in this website.

      Many of these ideas challenge the very basis of current thinking about off-road bicycle design, as you are doubtless aware.

      However, I do get the feeling that many ‘riders’ find it very difficult to accept them without question.

      A good thing – provided you know which questions to ask.

      So, I guess, being intrigued is the ‘ideal’ response; it shows that you don’t fully take these ideas on board, yet you remain open-minded enough to be convinced, eventually.

      As to producing replicas of the Landseer; up until February of this year it seemed impossible. Then life did one of those strange and unexpected turn-arounds; suddenly the production of a small batch of ten or twenty machines becomes a possibility. But the chance that another of those life-turns (and quite a few have happened to me over the past two years) gets in the way makes me reluctant to say anything more just now. Everything’s on a knife edge at the moment, and if all goes well, things could start moving at the end of May – with replicas available to order by the autumn.

      Would you be intrigued enough to place an order?

      Or would you still prefer to build your own?

      If the latter, I will endeavour to provide some detailed specifications for you, and any others who take this option, some time in the future.

      Thanks for your interest.

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