F Y S C A M s…

The story you’re about to read may seem a bit long-winded and quite technical in places.

I failed all school exams (except GCE art), so I’m no clever-clogs and I know how technical stuff can turn my brain to mush if it goes beyond my knowledge base. Therefore I’ve tried to simplify points as far as possible, whilst still providing sufficient information for you to make a critical judgement.

Actually, you only need to understand the basic message, without necessarily fully comprehending every detail. You decide whether to take what I say at face value, or apply critical thinking and back that up with further research and experimentation.

It is important I tell you the complete story because each element of the design is integrated with all the others. Like a jig-saw puzzle; each piece doesn’t mean much until it is in its place within the whole picture.

You will discover the reasons why the Landseer differs from all other off-road bicycles. What I am sharing is not in my view particularly clever; it is simply the rational and logical application of the obvious, as I see it.

Unfortunately, in real life, the obvious is often obscured by unquestioned convention.

Nearly all current bicycle designs follow design conventions established over many years, years during which bicycles were ridden, almost exclusively, on ‘roads’. That is to say: smooth, predictable terrain. For one reason or another, those design conventions prioritised speed at the cost of manoeuvrability and comfort.

Posted by Colin Rose:

“Bikes have become a fashion article and logic or reason have long fled to be replaced by fashion and marketing. I always thought I tried to think independently.

How wrong I was! Reading this has shown that so many of my ideas on Bicycles are influenced too much by un-reasoned thinking.”

In recent years bicycles have begun to be ridden off-road – rough and unpredictable terrain – the same design conventions have continued to be applied by the established experts; expertise handed down without question.

Thus off-road bicycle design has followed traditional principles that apply to racing on roads. As time goes by, these designs have become ever more attractive and technologically sophisticated. This veneer of innovation and constantly changing complexity, when analysed critically, simply overlays fundamentally inappropriate design.

Posted by J.B.Weld:

“… some interesting ideas but Geoff is a very opinionated person who seems to disregard the fact that modern mountain bikes are very good at what they do, and that they are very capable of traversing rugged terrain and not just smooth paths. He also dismisses other “so-called experts” opinions as wrong without substantiation and without backing up his own claims with solid evidence.”

Moreover, unless you are fit, young, single, competitive, affluent and male (FYSCAM), your needs and requirements for enjoyable, recreational cycling are ignored or, at best, considered subordinate.

Despite this, you can still be absolutely certain your mountain bike is ideal for your kind of riding and that you already have your perfect off-road bicycle. If you enjoy that certainty, this story will probably be of little, or no interest to you.

Posted by J.B. Weld:

“Personally I think modern mountain bikes are fantastic and are a great match for the terrain and riders who use them, and not simply a fashion statement useful only to young affluent athletic single men as Geoff claims.”

However, should you be less than certain, even slightly, read on…

You will gain valuable insights from spending about half-an-hour reading the following pages, which will make most sense if you follow the logical sequence by clicking the link in the last line of each page.

You will never look at a bicycle in the same light again.

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