Repetition makes truth…


Keep this in mind while you’re reading the following pages:

R E P E T I T I O N   M A K E S   T R U T H

The basis of this proven fact is that if something is repeated in the public domain often enough, however crazy or ridiculous it is, people will begin to believe it.

Once a sufficient number of people do believe it, not believing it becomes unconventional, or, to be more colloquial, Harpic*.

Think of a few things you believe to be true. Then question yourself, consider each one carefully as to why you believe it.

Is it because it’s something you’ve actually seen or experienced first-hand, or is it something you’ve heard so often, from so many different sources, it must be true?

Apply this principle to any or every aspect of bicycle design; do you believe what you believe because everyone else who shares your interest in cycling believes it?

Here’s just one example (which I’ve heard so many times, I go into auto-pilot):

“a low centre-of-gravity makes a bicycle more stable”.

Let’s now look at some elements of bicycle design.

   * Harpic, a toilet cleaner that the manufacturer claims can “clean round the bend”

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