The ultimate design…


Whilst I had lots of friends in my other social spheres, when it came to riding my bicycle along muddy paths and through the woods of the Chiltern Hills, I was on my own.

Sure, people took their bicycles off-road; if the going got tough, cyclo-cross racers would shoulder their machines and run, rough-stuffers would dismount and push; I wanted to ride off-road.

Cycling enthusiasts I spoke to were bemused by my ideas, after all, the ultimate design of bicycle already existed. No need for a different design. According to them, what I wanted is pictured above.

I knew little about the design technicalities of cycling off-road; there existed few suitable components. I would have to construct my own machine and find these things out, with few resources, except enthusiasm and probably a good measure of obsession.
I had no clue it would take fifty years to reach the stage where I felt I could make no further significant design improvements without encountering the law of diminishing returns.

Posted by weeksy950:

“People that work alone are not the most prolific at developing new concepts… His designs do not include other advances in bike designs….nor do they lead to bikes that can go where no other bike can go. Suspecting something is not the same has having an end product.”

Now to leap forwards those fifty years.

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