Anything else?…

AnythingElseThank you for taking the trouble to read the whole story, I hope you feel it was worth it.

I’ve tried to describe the reasoning behind the Landseer’s overall design as clearly and simply as possible, showing why it doesn’t follow convention by explaining how the experts in this field, in my view, have applied traditional bicycle design axioms inappropriately.

Having read this far, you may be wondering who the hell knows what. Who can you ask for verification of all my claims? A cycling ‘expert’ will most likely regard everything I say as a load of garbage. It’s probably down to you to discover what’s what, and perhaps now you also feel greater confidence to begin experimenting for yourself, modifying your own bike; ignoring those who will take the piss because you’re doing something they don’t understand, or even question.

As far as the Landseer’s specification goes, we’re not done yet; there are still more unusual features of its specification (pictured above) that may be of interest, and which I will describe and explain in detail, one day.

Posted by MiniNinjaRob

Geoff let me ride his bike quite a bit and I think he thought I’d pinched it as I went off on my own a fair distance while he pushed my bike – sorry Geoff, but it was your own fault for designing such an awesome addictive machine.

Posted by JezT

He [Geoff] never follows bike fashion or accepted wisdom without good cause, and he’s equally keen to stress that off-road cycling doesn’t have a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ way to do things.

Anyway, now for the images you may have been looking for while reading this lengthy description; a profile of each side of the Landseer itself. If you’d like to study larger high-res versions of these images, email and I’ll send you them.

Jan2015NS Jan2015OS

Posted by jasonl

Great chap, with a refreshing reminder of why many of us starting riding mountain bikes decades ago.

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8 Responses to Anything else?…

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  2. I like the way you think through issues then solve them with genius. Before I read your post on the Landseer, I was very indifferent about off-road bikes or MTBs (as we yanks call them). Now you have designed and created the thinking man’s off-road bike. Well done.

    • gmacleland says:

      If genius is defined as “the infinite capacity for taking pains”, then I accept your compliment. I like to think that I have applied good measures of rationale and logic as well, with perfection being nothing more than the compounding of trivialities. I also hope my design will appeal as much to the thinking-woman.

  3. Janet says:

    Well – it appeals to me!

  4. Bill says:

    Hugely interesting read (I’m meant to be working). I’m convinced you are right. But I’ve spotted some loose threads in your account, and, I hesitate to say, I have one counter opinion.
    All the best

  5. Colin says:

    Bikes have become a fashion article and logic or reason have long fled to be replaced by fashion and marketing.
    I always thought I tried to think independently, how wrong I was, reading this has shown that so many of my ideas on Bicycles are influenced by too much unreasoned thinking.

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