Skate and bash…

SkatePlateOptS K A T E P L A T E

The Landseer’s skateplate is made from 3mm 6086-T6 aluminium and is fixed to the frame, inboard of the chainset. It provides impact protection to the chainset and it partially protects the lower-run of the chain from mud and grime off the rear tyre.


Primarily, though, it allows the Landseer to skate over obstacles, which would otherwise go up between the bashplate and rear wheel, as shown in the illustration below. It’s also very useful when climbing over a stile or fence where there is not enough space to pass your bike over transversely; you can balance it on the top bar while you climb over.




Bashplates have been a feature of Cleland designs from the earliest days. The Landseer’s is made from 3mm 6086-T6 aluminium and its primary function is to provide additional impact protection to the chainset.

It also allows you to ride down to the shops in ordinary trousers.

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4 Responses to Skate and bash…

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  2. adamx says:

    it’s all interesting and I’m enjoying reading your writing. More info please!

    • gmacleland says:

      Thanks for that.
      Please tell us more specifically what further information you would like to see in this website.

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