Pedal offset…

OffsetOblique copy

Over the years I would think about the benefits of a longer crank during the power phase, with a shorter crank during the rest of the pedal’s rotation. I’d have wild fantasies about cranks that could somehow change length; longer on the down-stroke, shorter on the up-stroke.

When designing the Haworth swing pedals, I realised that separating the axis from the platform meant their relative positions are no longer an absolute; the platform could be anywhere relative to the axis, forward, back, higher or lower. With a standard swing pedal, it’s lower.

I wondered what may happen if I positioned the platform forward of the axis, and came up with this:


Quite interesting, isn’t it. Do I need to explain what this illustration reveals?

Haworth pedals don’t require you to wear special shoes, nor do they determine exactly where you place your foot on them; nearer the axis in relatively easy terrain and, if you see something tricky coming up, shift forwards to take full advantage of the longer lever and power phase that off-setting provides.



On the Landseer I have combined offsetting into the standard Haworth swing pedals, a unique set-up that makes it an astonishingly efficient machine. It’s curious that the most common phrase used by people who have ridden it is; “It’s ridiculous!”. This is exclaimed in a positive way, so I guess they are also astonished at how effective the design is.


More than the sum of its parts.

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