Power train…


The Landseer’s transmission system is unique, specifically designed to optimise your effort in the most efficient way, whilst requiring minimal maintenance.

R E A R   G E A R S


This is an eight-speed internal hub gear, manufactured by Shimano, known as the Nexus Inter-8. You can instantly shift to any ratio, even when stationary, top gear to bottom gear; you don’t have to wait for the chain to climb up or down the sprockets.

Personally, I cannot imagine enjoying a ride without this facility. Derailleur gear systems don’t come close to this level of transmission flexibility. Moreover, it requires virtually no maintenance; is unaffected by mud and water, nor are there any dangly bits to get ruined and bring your ride to a full stop.

Why is this gear system not much more popular? Propaganda, maybe?

F R O N T   G E A R S



At the front end of the power train there are two stainless steel elliptical chainrings. These are significantly more radical than any other out-of-round chainring design. There is more information about this on the next page when you click the link at the end. The Middleburn cranks are 160mm long on a square-taper bottom-bracket spindle; the shifter is a modified SRAM X9 2-speed.

Posted by reohn2

I’d like to try the extreme oval rings. I’m convinced by his [Geoff’s] arguments in favour of them, but lack the technical knowledge to know otherwise.

C H A I N   T E N S I O N E R


This specific component is required to take up chain slack when using the smaller elliptical chainring. It is positioned as high as possible to enhance chain-wrap and minimise exposure to impacts.

It has a robust arm and jockey wheels containing 40mm sealed bearings, which have additional shields and seals. Standard jockey wheels, even of the best quality, in my experience with the kind of riding I do, last about a fortnight. Prototype testing has proved that these will last for years, even when repeatedly subjected to the worst shite you can imagine.

O F F S E T / S W I N G   P E D A L S


There are several benefits with this unique pedal design.

One of them is that your foot is ‘cradled’, meaning that if your foot slips forwards, the front end of the pedal rises up, increasing foot/pedal grip and preventing further slippage. The same applies if your foot slips backwards.

The most interesting advantage is explained further on in this story.

They can also allow increased ground-clearance when designing-in a higher bottom bracket to a custom frame and which additional height is mitigated by the platform drop. Also, I think they look damn effin cool.

Posted by JezT

[while riding the Landseer] Geoff observed that I was hardly leaving the saddle, tackling virtually everything seated, which felt just right.

I tried to assess how much of the smooth easy feel of the Landseer might be down to the Varatio chainrings and Haworth OffsetSwing Pedals.

Returning to my own bike, I realized there is certainly a difference and I’m inclined to accept that they make a superior design.


The Wippermann chain specified for the Landseer is unusual in that it is made partly from stainless steel where possible, and nickel-plated high-grade steel. It is designed specifically to resist rusting, as well as being of a very high quality of manufacture.

That’s just an overview, you need more information.

Click here to go to the beginning of the whole story.


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