Why not mount your television on the ceiling, directed at the floor?

Because you’d have to lie down to watch it in comfort, unless you’re a typical cyclist, in which case you’d sit with your head wrenched up.

Cycling is a pleasure, on the whole. Why should it be spoilt in any way by needless discomfort? For me, riding with my neck wrenched and my back bent is very uncomfortable, and breathing deeply, as you need to when exerting yourself, by expanding your diaphragm as well as your chest, is seriously inhibited. Am I alone in this view?

Those folk in Holland, who cycle far more than the average hard-core enthusiast, seem to agree with me. Physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths also agree that riding in the conventional stretched-out posture is very harmful to your spinal health, but they’re not going to talk themselves out of a job.

Posted by BacDoc

As a chiropractor I find Geoff’s take on spinal health to be on the money!

Experts will tell you that your spine, with their recommended posture, is like a suspension bridge. Suspended from what, you may ask, skyhooks, perhaps?

It’s actually more like a column, good and strong only when more or less vertical; the clue is in the name: spinal column.

The pounding through your upright spine will crush your vertebrae, they say. Oh yeah, just like joggers, then – all running around with crushed vertebrae.

Posted by JezT

[on the Landseer] I’m not just riding comfortably, I’m riding sedately. The more upright I sit, the more right it feels.

I’m reminded of Victorian drawings of gentlemen riding various pedalled contraptions, frequently sporting a monocle and impressive moustache.

I ride over brush wood, I clear small fallen trees with ease, skim over wet tree roots (the enemy of the mountain biker) and it’s almost relaxing.

The Landseer’s handlebar is higher than its saddle and is relatively close to it as well. This allows you to push much more weight towards the rear, keeping your front wheel fairly light. Your rear wheel remains weighted and continues to provide traction whilst your front wheel can skip and dance over rocks, roots and ruts.

Experts undervalue (or ignore) the major part played by your centre-of-gravity in steering and claim that when less weight is biased towards your front wheel, you can’t control your steering. Admirably demonstrated by off-road motorcyclists, not.

And off-road motorcycles have been around longer than mountain bikes.

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