The F word…


When it comes to cyclists, there is the F word, and there is the S word.

The F word can be spoken out loud, frequently; FAST. Say the S word out loud, and cyclists will back away and reach for the garlic. Although the Landseer is designed to handle well when the terrain demands a slow speed, that doesn’t mean it can’t go fast, and I really relish cycling at speed on the Landseer; my rides always include some flat-out sections.

Posted by MiniNinjaRob

“When I rode the Cleland I wasn’t sure about it downhill, but Geoff soon showed it was excellent there too as he shot away from me like a bullet on the first slippery muddy rocky downhill.

I just couldn’t believe it. He made it look so easy while I was slip-sliding away…”

Posted by J.B. Weld:

(Originally Posted by Velobike: “Which takes us back to Geoff’s design and build. Easier to control when going slow.”)

“Which would be great if it didn’t sacrifice higher speed performance (I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t) or if going slow was the main focus.”

When riding true cross-country terrain, the times when you can let-rip are usually over pretty soon, they don’t last very long, obviously; for every hill you blast down, there’s one to climb. Equally valid and pleasurable are those times when you’re just plodding happily along, enjoying your surroundings or picking a path through some ‘interesting’ terrain.

Posted by jasonl

“Once [I became] used to the different rider position (essentially you’re standing upright over the cranks), it was truly eye-opening to discover how capable it is over technical terrain. The high, relaxed position also giving you a better view of what’s ahead.”

Posted by Northwind

“I rode one of his prototypes a while ago, it was ridiculously good at going slowly and ridiculously bad at going fast.

But I remember riding it around the bit of wasteland near my school and it’d just go anywhere, it was like having stabilisers. I’d love a go on the Landseer!”

Think about how much of a typical ride you are going fast, and how much you are just getting along, or struggling uphill. Be realistic, it’s easy to focus on the most exciting parts, and diminish the less exhilarating aspects.

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